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| Monday, March 13, 2006

All along Andy Lau had being tagged as one of the most hardworking artiste in Chinese showbiz. Since entering the music industry in 1986, his hardworking and determination is for all to see which allows this heavenly king to own his own sky in the Hong Kong showbiz.

At the back of an artiste, there must be a "willing to fight" group of people to support and encourage. Yu Bing Han is a person of the same character as Andy. Andy says: "He's a man with dreams and targets, I've collaborate with him for many years, when I first met him, he was still a media reporter then he become my collaborator in work. I've to thank him as he taught me many things, which includes using what attitude to face the society and showbiz."

When told that Yu Bing Han had set up his own company and signed Zhou Bi Chang, a delighted Andy expressed: "That's great. It's fortunate to be an artiste under him!"

In the end, he send in his congratulations, "Today, he finally set up his own company, hope the artistes under his belt will follow his mentality to work and face this circle, anticipating his company and artistes to have a good future!"

news from: Sina.com