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| Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hong Kong superstar, Andy Lau introduced his romantic film "All About Love" at the festival Sunday. Young fans squealed at the sight of him in a crisp white shirt, black suit and sneakers, and rushed the stage of the Kabuki. There were more squeals when he said that if they had any questions about love, "just ask me because I know all about love."

After the movie, in which Lau gives a melodramatic performance as a doctor in mourning the loss of his wife, who becomes enamored with the woman who received his wife's heart, the heartthrob reappeared onstage. He'd changed into a white jacket and jeans and looked ready to rock 'n' roll.

Nobody asked him about love, but people were curious if he'd seen "The Departed," Martin Scorsese's remake of "Infernal Affairs," Lau's biggest hit in Asia.

He said he had yet to watch it but wondered who played his role. "Matt Damon," somebody called out. "What you think?" Lau inquired, laughing. "I'm better or he?" The audience's judgment was obvious from their applause.

Asked when he'd be returning to San Francisco, Lau said he would probably be back next year for a concert. "It is not so strange in Hong Kong for performers to sing and act. I like having two ways to communicate with an audience." Make that three -- Lau communicated a lot by just standing there.

news from: SFGate.com