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| Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau and All About Love director Daniel Yu were at 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) on 23 April as they get close to the audience there. Andy expressed that with the current Korean craze all over the world, it's very good for the Korean movie industry, he hope that filmmakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan can work hard to promote Chinese movies.

As All About Love will be screened on 23 April, the organiser specially organised a press conference for Andy and Daniel, it was a full house in the two-storey cinema. Daniel was the first to make an appearance as he said only 2 sentences: "I know that all of you are not here to hear me speaks, all of you are here for Andy Lau."

In a midst of screams and cheers, Andy went onto the stage of the cinema. Fans then dashed forward immediately to shake the hands of Andy, the camera flashes kept flashing, no matter it's film camera, mobile phone camera, digital camera, SLR cameras, digital-video camera, all were present. Andy's every movement was greeted by screams, the atmosphere was like being in Andy's concert.

Andy used fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese to greet the fans. Like the press conference earlier, Andy sing praise of Daniel as he reveal that he knew each other when they were 20-years-old and were good friends till now. Using this movie, he hope more people would know Daniel Yu.

When asked why he approach Andy for this movie, Daniel answers: "Because Andy is a good actor, he acted very well."

Before the movie started screening, Andy remind the audience: "Prepared your tissue paper, if you have any questions with regards to love, asked me!"

In All About Love, Andy is doctor Kao whom always perform magic to the 2 female leads, he then perform a magic trick during the press conference. He then revealed that these scenes are specially arranged by Daniel to add some magical feel. When talked about the Korean craze in Asia as people were chasing Korean movies and dramas everyday, Andy thinks that filmmakers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan should work hard as Chinese movies will conquer Asia one day.

Among the Andy's fans presented, some claimed that Andy was their idol since he entered showbiz. To be able to get close with their idol, they are excited as they asked different types of questions in the Q&A session after the screening. One local fan even willing to be Andy's tour guide to bring him to the attractions in San Francisco, but the offer was rejected as he need to rest in his hotel room.

news from: www.kzzj023.com