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| Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hong Kong director Daniel Yu and Andy Lau were at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) as their movie, All About Love was one of the movies to be screened. Andy and Daniel meet the San Francisco media on 23 April before the attending the screening at Japan Town's Kabuki 8 cinema to get close to the audience as it attracted a huge group of Andy's fans to catch a glimpse of him, the screams and camera flashes were non-stop.

Andy sent his regards to the reporters in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. He express that he hope that everyone supported Hong Kong movies. When asked about his collaboration with Charlie Yeung and Charlene Choi in the movie, he express happily that they became good friends after the shooting as he taught them magic tricks during the shooting. Andy also demostrate the magic tricks he performed in the movie which stunned the audience as the female fans were memorise by him.

He also added that after this movie, it allows him to feel the everyone from every corner of the world require love and concern. With regards to Chinese movies, Andy thinks that the Chinese production is strong and Hong Kong need to work harder. With regards to his nomination in Hundred Flowers Film Awards, Andy express that he only acted in 2 Mainland China produced movies and was nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor which made him more confidence and hope that the audience recognise his performance.

Daniel expressed that this is his second participation in SFIFF but his first time in San Francisco. He's very satisfied with Andy's acting and Andy gave many ideas and suggestions to him during shooting as he hope to collaborate with Andy again.

At the cinema, Andy get in contact with his fans as he answers all questions by them, one female fan asked him what would he be wearing if he's invitated to tour San Francisco together, it can be seen the level that Andy was being adored.

news from: World Journal