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| Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF) will be opening next week, the organiser had sent invitation to the director of Perhaps Love, Peter Chan as it has flying colours in the recent Hong Kong Film Awards and Hong Kong's movie star Andy Lau and they would attend the festival in San Francisco.

Perhaps Love would be the opening movie for the festival as it would be the first Hong Kong movie chosen to be it's opening movie in its history, director Peter would attend the ceremony and not Best Actress winner Zhou Xun. Other than the festival, Peter was also arranged to pay a visit to San Francisco's San Francisco State University to share his experience of Hong Kong's movie making with students.

The movie, All About Love which starred Andy and Charlie Yeung was also to be screened in SFIFF, it would be the movie's premiere in North American area. Andy and director Daniel Yu would attend the festival.

Andy Lau

news from: Sina.com