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| Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Andy Lau invested and starred in All About Love was invited to be screened at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). Andy revealed that several Hollywood film companies were interested in re-shooting this movie and he would suggest a person to play his character(s), he picked Academy Awards' Best Supporting Actor George Clooney as himself, Renee Zellweger for Charlie Yeung's character and Keira Knightley for Charlene Choi's character.

Andy was in San Francisco for his concerts and location shooting before, but he's excited on promoting his movie there, especially all 800 tickets were snapped up. The audience were curious of his sparks with the 2 female leads, Andy explain that he had worked with Charlie before thus the chemistry is there and it's his first collaboration with Charlene, with their age differences of 20 years, during the initial collaboration he feel that Charlene is like a small kid and would not be a wife but after getting into the character, he found the female charisma in Charlene.

news from: ChinaTimes

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