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| Friday, April 21, 2006

Andy Lau was at Commercial Radio for the recording of an interview as he talked about Alive cheating reporters and was "banned" by them. In the interview, Andy did side either party as he said that the 4 members of Alive grew up in foreign countries as there have many secretly filmed clips becoming the society's important programme and production, thus Andy also feel that such matter is hard to differ right or wrong, it's just whether the Hong Kong society could adapt it, this will be decided by Alive.

When asked if there's a solution between the differences of reporters and Alive? Initially Andy express that he has no opinion but later said: "One must pay for one's deed, I'm not sure of the current situation, I'm not sure of the pressure that they're under, they must thought of this before doing anything."

The compere told Andy that it was not a big matter as it's just that the reporters are unhappy! However, Andy does not agree to this theory, he pointed out that the reporter was good friends with Alive but was betray by them, no matter how funny or huge the matter is, it will still cause some problems in their friendship.

Andy take the firemen in 911 as example, "When I see the firemen of the 911 incident, I feel proud for them as my father was also once a fireman, take a reporter was hurt this way, I would also stand at the side of the reporter. (Need of a settlement and treat the other party a drink?) I don't think of a need for a treat of drink, firstly Alive must repair their relationship with the reporter, how to settle is their means and not answering to others, they need not answer to any people."

In addition, Andy also attended the recording of TVB Jade Solid Gold Selection with Emil Chou, Kay Tse and VC Girl as they suggested to file a civil lawsuit against the invasion of privacy of artistes on the behalf of the Hong Kong performing Artistes Guild. Andy sighs: "I hope that there would be a ruling for paparazzi which allow them to have some rules to obey."

At the JSG recording, Andy duet with comperes at17 a few old classic songs before singing his latest song, 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing' (Open Your Eyes).

When asked how to prevent being filmed, Andy answers: "No way, the only way is to wear a mask, dressed like a bank robber to go home, it's really out of hand. Only a few magazine in foreign countries do this, but it seems that every magazine is doing this! Maybe should follow what Stephen Chow said to Zhao Wei in Shaolin Soccer: Earth is dangerous, you better return to outer space!"

Andy was unhappy that Adam Cheng was a victim of being photographed to be suffering from thinning hair in his apartment, he pointed out that the household must be on high alert, he quipped that his father should not wear just underwear at home and need to wear more before walking into the living room, there's also need to buy more clothes for his mother when she entered the kitchen.

Andy sighs that many people would not understand the difficulties that artistes faced, with regards to good friend Rosamund Kwan's claiming that she doesn't mind being haunted by paparazzi as she thinks she's able to "eat salted fish and withstand thirst", Andy does not agree with her, he says: "She's in a stage of being too angry!"

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com, Ming Pao

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