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| Thursday, April 27, 2006

The 28th Hundred Flowers Films Awards online voting had started. Artistes from Hong Kong and Taiwan were currently having the advantages in the voting. In the Best Actor voting, World Without Thieves' Andy Lau is leading the pack with most of the votes, he collected 16381 votes while second-placed Jet Li has 9120 votes, followed by The Myth and New Police Story's Jackie Chan was fourth and sixth as his votes were distributed, Kungful Hustle's Stephen Chow was fifth with 2219 votes.

For the Best Actress, World Without Thieves' Rene Liu is leading with 24545 votes, followed by Ren Chang Xia's Zhang Yu and House of Flying Daggers' Zhang Ziyi third with 8307 votes. Being an international star, Zhang Ziyi failed to gain any advantage and was suffering the fate of "World's number 1, Mainland China's number 3'.

Among the films, World Without Thieves is the public favorite as it's director is leading with 3343 votes which subpress Kungful Hustle's Stephen Chow at number 2 with 2302 votes, with House of Flying Daggers and Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles's Zhang Yimou garning 542 and 394 votes.

The online voting is still on-going.

news from: Ming Pao

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