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| Friday, April 28, 2006

After Mainland China actor Zhao Benshan won his lawsuit on image infringement in Guangzhou, Andy Lau whom also faced the same problem with a Guangzhou company also filed a lawsuit against them. Andy sued this comestic company for using his image on their products and seek a $2 million compensation from them, the case opened a few days ago.

The company's products has Andy's name and photograph on them. Andy's company in Mainland China discover this in January 2004 as the company used "wah zai" as their branding for the product where photographs of Andy were used on the product's packaging, free gifts and promotional poster, however they never had any approval to use Andy's image, thus a Hong Kong law firm was engaged to stop this image infringement or faced with a lawsuit.

After evidences were shown, Andy's company in Mainland China filed a lawsuit against this company asking them to stop using Andy for promotion of their products on 2 March 2005, all products baring the "wah zai" branding need to be destroyed, publish an apology in the papers and paid a compensation of $2 million. At the end of last year, the case was passed down that the company to stop using "wah zai" for the branding of their products as it's image infringement, the company was willing to face legal actions.

With regards to the $2 million compensation, the court quote that full evidences were not provided thus not support the compensation but it asked the company to stop producing products with "wah zai" as branding and destroy those products, free gifts and posters in stock, they also need to publish an apology in the papers for their actions, however other Andy's request was being denied.

Andy is unhappy of the decision as he filed another lawsuit as the case was open at Guangzhou's tribunal court 2 days ago, the judging will be decided in a few days. Andy's appointed lawyer pointed out that "wah zai" was the nickname used by Andy's fans to address him, thus it should be protected to Andy, the company used it without request is to be considered as infringement. The $2 million compensation is a kind of financial loss, it's being calculated from intenational influenctial, thus unable to provide complete evidence.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News