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| Friday, April 28, 2006

Emil Chou whom had not been to Hong Kong for promotion for many years had finally came to TVB's studio for the recording of Jade Solid Gold Selection which is refreshing for him.

It happens that Andy Lau was also appearing in the programme, both of them whom were around the same age meet at the studio as their greeting methods were different from the youngsters. Andy says: "Olympics master." Emil says: "Hong Kong ambassador."

During the official recording, both of them did not meet on-stage as Emil get to duet with a female group from Mainland China while Andy gets to collaborate with a female singer whom was 20 years younger than him. Andy says: "When collaborating with young people, I feel that I'm older, but I'm still very young, but just feel that after so many trainings in showbiz, when collaborating with youngster, their kind of nervous, allows me to remember the motivation when I first entered showbiz."

However, when the same question was asked by a different person, the effect would be different. The programme compere asked: "Would you acknowledge at17 (a Hong Kong female group) as your god-daughters?"

Andy replied: "I'm not that mature, you really think that they're 17-years-old," before bursting into laughters.

news from: TVBS E-News

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