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| Saturday, May 27, 2006

To Mrs Charles Heung (Chan Lam), Rosamund Kwan is the most beautiful actress as she's full of woman charisma, no wonder so many males fall for her. Chan had known Rosamund for more than 15 years, she likes to befriend Rosamund because she's true to friends and dare to love and hate, she also gave all her heart in every relationship, she never step back after failure in love relationship, thus Chan admires her.

When Chan remembered that Rosamund and Andy Lau had collaborated for more than 10 years in her ChinaStar, when they were a couple in the movies, I feel that they're very compatible as Rosamund's big eyes, long hair and gentle was all what Andy's requirement in a girlfriend. Whereas Andy's heroic and kind heart is also admired by Rosamund, when they looked at each other during filming, Chan think that surely they ahve the feel but both of them were careful, especially Andy thus they didn't take another step, therefore there was no beginning at all.

Actually both of them don't dare to take an advance step as both of them had someone in their heart, Rosamund had a boyfriend, whereas Andy has a steady girlfriend, they're both faithful in love, since they have a loved one, their mentality would be hoping for less trouble as they don't want to hurt the other party, thus even with good feeling on one another won't trigger them into actions, maybe this is one of the few disappointment in life!

Till now, they're still good friends, isn't it better that it would be everlasting?

news from: Apple Daily News

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