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| Sunday, May 28, 2006

It had been 9 months since Andy Lau came to Taiwan, he specially flew in to Kaohsiung from Hong Kong yesterday to meet his fans. When he alight, he was told that Faye Wong had gave birth to a baby girl as a delighted Andy send his congratulations: "It's cute to have a daughter! Hope she could continue to work hard and form a "hao" (giving birth to a boy) next time round!"

Although he was currently busy recording for his Cantonese album, a handsome Andy still touches down at Kaoshiung International Airport where close to 200 fans carrying a "Emperor arrival" banner and presents labelled "gifts for emperor" waiting for him, when they saw Andy whom was wearing a white shirt and jeans walking out of the custom, they immediately rushed forward to surround him.

In the past, Andy only held gathering with members of Andy World Club when he was in Taiwan to promote his movies or albums but this year he specially took 2 days off from his recording of his Cantonese album. It had been 9 months since he came to Taiwan, thus he missed the soy bean drink and rice cakes, the management company promise that he would eat to his fullest this time round.

How Andy suddenly became a "emperor"? A fans expressed that Andy was the emperor in the drama serial - Duke of the Mount Deer many years ago and many friends idolise him after watching that drama. Furthermore, this drama is selling well in video retail stores, thus the fans decided to address Andy as the "emperor". Andy specially came to Kaohsiung to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with the fans in advance.

Andy is in a good mood for his visit as he would also held another fans gathering in Taipei tomorrow. It will be a 2-days trip in Taiwan as he would not be attending any public activities and no interviews, he's there just for the gathering with his fans.

Although the gathering was solely for fans, but still some media reporters still manage to sneak in. At the gathering, Andy was sitting on a chair on the stage to chat with the fans. He behaves like a old boy as he kept moving around on the chair, a mischievous Andy almost lost his balance and fall.

He also managed to make the fans burst into laughters at ease. Andy felt a sudden itch on his nose and he scratch his nose, this precious moment was taken by a camera of a person whom sneak into the gathering.

Next week, he would be attending Lau Ka Cheong's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum next week as his special performing guest.

Earlier, Daniel Wu was saying that the production line Hong Kong actors was dead as Andy is only in the eyes of directors, he was trying to say that Andy is holding onto the male lead. When asked about Daniel's remarks, Andy just smile and never make any reply.

In April, Andy went to America to meet up with several film producers and distributors to discuss movie developments, he also discuss some new ideas for concerts with some production companies, he also watch some magic demostrations. It's a fruitful trip to the America for Andy as he could use the new creative ideas into his Hong Kong Coliseum concerts.

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Andy Lau