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| Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Andy Lau had a telephone interview with Commercial Radio's Cha Xiaoxin and revealed that he would hold his solo concert in July or August 2007 at the Hong Kong Coliseum, although it was the peak period but he's not worried that others would fight the slot with him. He quipped: "No need to fight! Let's see how the government approves!"

Meanwhile, he would be concentrating all his efforts on the musical King & I at the end of the year. Andy quipped that he would get a chance to know more about foreign muscial's operations and could earn money, it's great!

Andy expressed that he still does not know whom the female lead would be but know that she need not dance all the time on the stage, thus it won't be difficult. When asked if he thought of following Tony Leung Kar Fai to win an award in the stage drama scene, he says: "I never thought so far ahead, in 1999 Johnnie To told me not to act with my hands slotted into my pockets, after I changed the habit, I started to win awards. For the nominated movie this year, maybe the judges don't like it, thus I've no awards."

Andy added: "I don't dare to slot my hands in my pocket when I'm with Johnnie, he'll scold me, I'll only do that with other directors."

When asked if Andy has any other bad habits, he answers: "Dis-infection alcohol, I'll spray it on me whenever I go, this is one habit that I could not kick, I need to apply it when I goes to overseas hotel rooms, I cannot do without it as I have a cleanliness problem."

Cha then express that she received a phone call last Firday that headlines in Beijing reported that Andy Lau was murdered, she immediately clarify the report and was told that Andy was working in America. Andy said: "I'm used to such reports, it will come out of Mainland China once in a while, need not worry so much."

In addition, it was reported that Felix Wong and Michael Miu would ask him out for bowling sessions and they describe with the term "lost will in playthings", Andy said: "They just spoke some extra words and was being written down, if we're together, they might report us as Brokeback (gays), if we stay apart, they would report that we're at loggerheads. Actually I wishes to shoot a movie with the TVB 5 Tigers as it would be a classic, thinking is useless as I've no script."

When asked of his relationship with them, Andy says: "I grew up with them, when I see Felix, it's like meet a elementry classmate, I'm not as close to Tony Leung Chiu Wai is due to fate."

Andy was asked which family member he would like to see when he wakes up in the morning, he answers: "Never thought of it, anyway I'm happy when my family members are happy."

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Apple Daily News

Andy Lau