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| Monday, May 01, 2006

Although Andy Lau does not gave face to Commercial Radio by not attending the station's annual music award ceremony but it seems that their relationship had changed for the better as Andy won a Golden Song award last year, it might be due to his recent dubbing in Commercial Radio's radio dramas.

Recently, he agreed to help Commercial Radio in a radio drama titled Golden Teenager (literally translated), Alam Tam, Karen Mok and Chapman To were asked to cameo.

The main lead of the radio drama are actually Sum May and I Love You Boyz, Andy and Chapman were mutants in the radio drama, as they feel it hard to survive among the normal people, they wanted to escape. For the first time, Alan was a evil character as the character is a wealthy man whom against mutants, thus he vows to chase away Andy, this character is similiar to those gangsters in X-Men.

news from: Apple Daily News