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| Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lee Ang, Feng Xiaogang, Andy Lau and Cold Mountain's director Anthony Minghella attended a secret party titled Silver screen's London organised by England's Embassy at Shanghai Grand 18. The surprise appearance of them was the the highlight of the event.

Around 11:00 PM, Lee Ang arrived with securities and was welcome with screams before being escorted into the VIP room. Half an hour later, Andy dressed in white western suit arrived which caused a major stir. After Andy enter the VIP room to meet up with Feng Xiaogang and Anthony Minghella. The four of them left the VIP room after 1:00 AM. The awaiting fans were excited after they managed to take some photographs after waiting for more than 3 hours.

Feng revealed that they discussed on plans to develop Chinese movies, they though of mixing the Chinese and Western to accomodate each other, the concrete actions are still under discussion. The two Chinese directors also seize the chance to introduce Andy to the foreign directors.

This one-week Silver screen's London activity is organised by England's Embassy to provide a chance for Chinese-British movie industry to communicate. The Silver screen's London film festival, England Movie School Trip seminar, Anthony Minghella movies showcase and England Short Film Festival will be held in Shanghai, audience will get to watch Pride and Prejudice, Match Point, Closer, English Patient and other movies.

news from: Ta Kung Po