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| Saturday, August 12, 2006

Earlier Andy Lau and Music Nation were discussing if he would take part in the musical The King & I. However with Aaron Kowk joining Music Nation and announcing that he will be doing the Chinese version of Phantom of the Opera, Andy once again expressed that he would allow Aaron to "drink the hot soup" and exclaimed that he would delay his musical plans.

When interviewed by Commercial Radio's Cha Xiaoxin yesterday, when asked if he would perform in the musical The King & I, Andy says: "Not confirmed, actually I wanted to learn something from this and understand how Western musical work, but it would be a local production, so will I still do it?" Cha then asked if Andy would only like to collaborate with foreigners? He replied: "Something like that! At least I know it would be some musical, if it's a Hong Kong production team, I've done it before in the Hong Kong Coliesum."

Andy added that he would wish to collaborate with Aaron in the near future which Aaron think likewise, so they would discuss a collaboration if there's a new script.

When talked about singing the theme song of TVB drama Return of Condor Heroes, Andy revealed that he wished to collaborate with TVB in another drama.

Andy also talked about being given a scare when shooting a agitated scene for The Protege, despite being pregnant, Anita Yuen dashed towards his arms, fearing any injury to Anita, he step back. He exclaimed that he's happy to see his cute daughter in the movie, he felt like becoming a father but he said: "I'm also not sure when could I stop, I've no planning."

Andy then admit that love is taboo for him as he had no confidence in the media thus no plans to disclose his love life, he says: "Those whom love me will know whether the allegations are true or false. For these 5 years, I've read many reports on love relationships! (For the recent reports of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung getting together again?) All words used are not nice words, it makes the two of them hard to get along in public."

For his birthday next month, he would like to shoot a muisc special, hoping through the view of music could bring out a message of life.

news from: Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po