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| Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Andy Lau's latest album will be released today, to accomodate the songs, the photographs in the album sleeve was expression of the lifestyle of an inert person, not knowing that the world had changed. From the shooting procedures to the creativity of the photographs are very special, of course there will be his usual handsome photographs.

Whereas for his songs, the number two hit song - 'Guan Shi Yin' is rather special, other than its meaningful lyrics, there is a total of more than 600 words in the lyrics which broke the record of the most words in lyrics.

In the album's photographs, there are sardine fish, pour coffee over his head, standing by a mini exit, holding a mask. For the submerge in water is rather different from what he initially thought, he initially wanted to have 8-10 persons whom are similiar to him to be in the pool together, however nobody was arranged on the day of shooting, he had to do different poses in the water for hours, due to the cold weather, warm water need to be constantly added into the pool, thus it's not really hard work.

Whereas, it was more difficult for the different masks photo-taking as he had to accomodate the lighting on the mask, he need to follow the different position and height raised for every mask, finally finish shooting after 2-3 hours.

For the song - 'Guan Shi Yin', it's actually 'Guan Zao Shi Jie De Sheng Yin' (literally translated as Voices Shining Across the World), although the lyrics contain several meanings for people to reflect themselves but it's not so Buddhism feel, it's a total of 600 words and only 4 sentences are repeated, Andy exclaimed: "Having being a singer for 20 years, I've yet sing a song with a lyrics of so many words, it might have broke the record of Mandarin songs."

He also considered of performing this song live with the help of choir or using dance steps to help remembering the lyrics, he also wished to thanks Khalil Fong whom he collaborated with him for the first time, Ivana Wong and Edward Chan whom recorded a demo individually for him to practice the song and it took him 3 days and 12 hours to complete the recording of the song, this is the longest time he took to record a song.

With regards to Chan Yi Hing passing away, Andy expressed that he had never collaborate with her when he was with TVB, although meeting her in person during a 2002 cancer activity in Hong Kong, but he's not familiar with her but know that she's doing charity works in Singapore and Malaysia as she took care of people, it's depressing to see her leaving us, which is so sudden. Andy hope that her husband would continue her wish of doing charity works.

Meamwhile, Andy whom was one of the biggest winner of the night at Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Awards 2006 two nights ago with 5 awards expressed that he was delighted and expressed that the credit would not be himself as he need to thank his crew members too as he sing praise to all the crew members of All About Love, especially producer Li An-xiu.

Andy kissed Gillian Cheung thus taking away her first screen test, for fairness, he also kiss the cheek of Charlene Choi. Meanwhile at the post-ceremony dinner, Rainie Yeung became a fan as she used her mobile phone's camera to take a photograph with Andy.

Andy was spotted whispering with Hins Cheung, he revealed that Hins go away with his words, he says: "Initially he should be one of the producer for this album with Khalil Fong, Ivana Wong and Pong Nan, but Hins need to do his own album thus could not help me. He told me that he would help me next time round, he would write 5 songs for me to choose."

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