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| Thursday, August 10, 2006

Andy Lau invited Lin Xi to write the lyrics for his songs in his latest album - Voice.

Both of them were at Commerical Radio for promotion as they exchanged presents, Lin Xi gave a parrot and ginseng chicken soup to Andy whereas Andy wrote a 'Guan Shi Yin' calligraphy for Lin Xi.

There's an allegation that Andy and Aaron Kowk were vying to do musical before one another with Aaron's Phantom of The Opera to open before Andy's King and I, when asked of the allegation, Andy says: "I've yet confirm to act in the musical, he can do it first, it doesn't matter."

When asked when would he be doing his "King and I" musical, Andy said: "Had to depend on time and production."

Recently, there was a book published in Mainland China titled Decode Andy Lau, he said: "I think many people knew about it as it was widely reported, if I wanted to write my own story, I'll do it myself!"

When asked when would he publish his own story, he answered that he's not sure when but he would announce through the Internet. His assistant added that the book - Decode Andy Lau has no copyright but Andy did not stress if he would take any legal actions against the publisher.

When talked about the lyrics of his new song Guan Shi Yin being written by Lin Xi, Andy exclaimed that he did asked the opinion from friends and fans and think that the song is rather "quiet" when compared to pop songs as some doesn't understand the song, he added that he was suffering headaches when he tried to remember the lyrics, however he had a different understanding of the song after each listening.

Lin Xi quipped that although the song has 600 words in its lyrics but it's not difficult to write as he expressed many unsatisfied voices in the song. With regards to the parrot present for Andy, he had it for one month and it had the name of "Beckham", now renamed as "Zidance", but Andy decided to renamed it as "Ah Mong". When asked about the chicken soup, he quipped: "It's difficult to brew, I better at streaming fish."

Meanwhile, Aaron Kowk would also be releasing his new Mandarin album since 2000 in August which will be battling with Andy in the music scene this month.

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