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| Sunday, August 06, 2006

In 1982, Andy Lau graduated from TVB's 10th artiste training classes and started his acting career. His graduation certificate had a remark: this person is suitable as a good guy. In 2006, this idol mega-star has grey hair as he is a 50-years-old drug lord, he says: "I'm no longer an idol."

Directed by Derek Yee, produced by Peter Chan, the new movie named Protege had started filming for some time. A grey-haired Andy, together with Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jing Chu and 6-months pregnant Anita Yuen attended the press conference. For this movie which will be screened during next year's Chinese New Year holidays, Andy made the biggest sacrifice by acting a total evil character.

When Andy appeared at the press conference, every reporters were stunned as his usual black hair had turned grey which show his age, even the 2 comperes asked why did the handsome Andy made such a huge sacrifice? Andy explains that it was for the movie - Protege, he says: "I'll be a drug lord in the movie, he's controlling all Hong Kong's underworld drug rings, he's a complete total evil. He has unlimited money but suffering from illness, problems with his kidnet and diabetes, looked older than his age, looked 50-years-old although he's 30-years-old."

In order to look close to the drug lord character, Andy thought of many ways, even tried wearing a wig but later Derek found out that dying his hair grey would make him look close to the character, thus he took up the offer.

With so many fans, Andy is Hong Kong's first generation superstar, he would be criticise if he speaks vulgarities. Will he be worried that his image be affected by this evil character? Andy replied in a confident tone: "This happened 10 years ago when I was still an idol which I will be worried of my image and refuse to be an evil character. Currently, I'm no longer an idol. For these few years, I feel that everyone had begin to differ my work from my life, I can play some evil characters, take Infernal Affairs for example, everyone can understand."

Andy also explains that he "tagged his name with drugs" is hope to remind everyone: "Even Andy Lau could become a drug lord one day, hope everyone could consider, what really went wrong for this evil character."

In Protege, the main lead is Daniel Wu as he's a police mole in Andy's gang to learn how he do his drug business in order to bring out the story. Andy sighs: "Actually I did many scarifice for this movie, being the evil character for the first time, and I'm still not the male lead."

Meanwhile, reporters asked if he doesn't mind to have less scene time and gave the newcomers more chances, he says: "Actually there should be different actors in different movies, remember when I first startedm Chow Yun Fat also help me out, now I should give these new generation actors a chance to make a nmae, even not when would they get their chance? Withn such good script and cast. we should work hard together to make it into a classic, my screen time is not important."

news from: Sina.com