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| Friday, August 11, 2006

After Faye of Taiwanese group F.I.R met Coldplay, she managed to meet her Asian idol Andy Lau 2 days ago in Hong Kong as she asked the heavenly king to complete her birthday wish.

F.I.R was invited to perform in TVB's Jade Solid Gold, after their performance, they met Andy at the backstage area and an excited Faye shouted: "Idol!" thus attracting the attention of the Hong Kong media.

An over-excited Faye forget that she is an artiste herself to become a fan. Seizing the chance, she told Andy that her birthday falls on 27 August, she said: "Brother Lau, would you be able to fulfill my birthday wish?" Andy agreed and Faye made her request: "I hope to sing a song with you, treat me a meal, become the special performing guest of our Hong Kong concerts."

Andy smile upon listening to the requests and quipped: "You're so small sized and have so many wishes, only can choose one." However Faye was too excited and was unable to think properly, thus she had fixed a date with Andy to tell him her decided request.

news from: udn news