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| Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today is the examination result release date, Andy Lau, Stephy Tang, Hins Cheung and Chief Executive Donlad Tsang attended a RTHK's Sun Project Show Support of Examination Result Release Date activity to show encouragement to the students whom will their examination this semester.

Andy and Chief Executive Donlad Tsang took turns to share their experience, when Chief Executive Donlad Tsang was chatting with the students, Andy listen carefully. When it was Andy's turn to go onto the stage, the students were not so serious as they interact with Andy in a more relaxed manner.

Andy show support to the 200 oveer students as he imitate Chief Executive Donlad Tsang's sitting position which delights the students.

When asked if he had did any irresponsible actions before, he exclaimed that he accidentally speak vulgarities on TV, he says: "That time I was talking beige color and orange color, but I received 300 complaints. I do not know what went wrong as I've already asked many departments and they gave me the go-ahead to talk about it, so I went to ask the media, in the end one mother said that Andy Lau must admit whatever he did, thus I apologise to the media."

Andy whom had faced examinations himself before feel that the students should not give up as he whom was tagged as hardworking in showbiz was already hardworking during his secondary school days, he says: "I remember that I did very well during my Chinese primary school and could promote to the english secondary, then I only manage to get 8 marks for my English test, I retake many times, but I failed and had to retain, my mother scolded me for sometime, thus I work hard and take up tuition."

At the activity, Andy did chat with Donlad Tsang, he says: "He asked me what am I busy recently, I told him that I've released my new album - Voice, if I've the chance I'll send him a copy. He was very interested with Crazy Stone and asked me to introduce me several Mainland China's movie, I'll asked my colleague to contact him, I can't ask Chief Executive to call me." Andy then added: "The Chief Executive will meet different people with different ways, I'll learnt from him."

In addition, Chapman To whom was nominated with Andy for the Best Actor award in the upcoming Golden Bauhinia Awards quoted that other than hot favourite Tony Leung Kar Fai, he tipped Andy to win as it was a difficult character in Wait 'Til You're Older as it's young to old which is a big challenge in acting. In an online voting, Andy is the number one among netizens.

Meanwhile, there is a book released in Mainland China titled Decode Andy Lau which its content narrates his life and how he entered showbiz, it also include his alleged relationship with Ye Kexin, Idy Chan, Anita Mui and Carol Zhu Liqian. The publisher exclaimed that they have the copyrights to the photographs but spokesman from Andy's management company expressed that they never gave any copyrights to any publishers, thus they will take actions against the publishers.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Oriental Daily News