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| Thursday, August 03, 2006

Andy Lau was doing some backstage works and screen appearances before he enrolled into the artiste training classes, until today he become the producer of Crazy Stone, it had been around 30 years.

From Hua-dee of A Moment of Romance to this series of fantasy movie The Motorcycle Diaries photographs, transformed Andy into a spirit icon, this could not be missed.

Meanwhile from 1982 to 2006, he's the actor that appeared the most time on the cover of City Magazine.

Andy Lau, since the beginning had already intended to be a good guy. Even himself doesn't know why his previous characters are always by the side of good and evil, if he's not a cop, he would be a gangster, towards the end, even he could not be a good guy even though he's a cop.

A cop could be evil too whereas a gangster has love and justice. If not because of A Moment of Romance's Hua-dee, he won't have the icon look of today.

Just like what he had repeated many times: "If Johnnie To didn't cast me in Running On Karma, Love On A Diet, Needing You and Running Out of Time, it's impossible for me to appear that way ...." It's true, if he never met Johnnie, he would be still riding the motorcycle as in Full Throttle.

He exclaimed that with a motorcycle, it will be a look of a motorcycle rider. For this time City Magazine's soldier look, he had never tried before.

Lin Xi once said before: "I'm the same age as Andy, born in 1961 and chinese zodiac of Ox, so we can manage it." Being a hell rider for long time, died many times and still okay, there's still a chance to change for the good.

Actually Andy was asked to appear on the cover in 1982 July issue on a motorcycle, this is just a classic cover but the content does not mention anything about this bare-chest youngster.

The coffee sipping un-official interview with Andy appeared 3 weeks later. Then, Andy just finished the shooting of Boat People, taking up the character initially belong to Chow Yun Fat, after Boat People, the TV was showing Eagle Hunter. When we were told that he was not yet 21-years-old, we started to worry if we have generation gap.

Director Ann Hui said that this Andy Lau is mischievous and hardworking, during shooting he would make the crew members happy. Then, Andy said: "I'm very satisfied currently. When I enrolled myself into the artiste training classes, I've small aim. I just wanted to have almost the same screen time as Lo Ho Kai, thus I'm very satisfied now. Maybe when I've nothing to do for one and a half year without worrying of my living, I might do other things." When asked what would he do? "Actually I like writing."

24 years later, Andy had already wrote many songs for himself and other singers, and also did many other things. On the day of shooting the cover photographs, a boy came over and he kneel down to chat with the boy and performed magic for us, he also sing 'Nan Zi Han' for us.

Maybe Hongkonger should be happy that after being all kinds of gangsters and cops, he's still easy to get along unlike those celebrities whom had venture out of Hong Kong. Thus we can say that Andy still belongs to Hongkongers.

After being casted in more than 120 movies, played characters ranging from good, evil, young and old, which other character that he wanted to do next? Without any answer, he said: "Actually I wanted to be a doctor, an official doctor thus the doctor character in All About Love could not be take into consideration." Then this soldier motorcycle rider is also not a bare-feeted doctor, actually we don't require Andy to be a warrior, because after a warrior had sacrifice, the stone won't be crazy.

We hope to do a Hong Kong style, Andy's Gael Garcia Bernal, or finally one day to fulfill some Hongkongers, Chinese (Taiwanese not included) wishes to win a Oscar Best Foreign Film award. This series of Chai Wan Quay version of The Motorcycle Diaries is shot for the future, a series of photographs waiting for a good script.

Walking past A Moment of Romance, experience Full Throttle to become a motorcycle doctor. Then open your eyes, just like the director of Motorcycle Diaries new movie - On the Road, continue to be on the way. Icon never die. Throughout the journey, turning back will realise only oneself had changed.

Note: This is just portion of the article in the magazine, there will be a complete article in the magazine.

news from: City Magazine