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| Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau was in Japan to meet his fans and in the end attracted fans to follow him around. No matter it's the airport, recording studio or fan gathering, the Japanese fans followed him closely, some fans even gave him "Andy Lau" teddy bear which touches him.

No matter where Andy appear, the Japanese female fans would not miss any chances to see Andy as Andy hardly came to Japan thus all fans tried their best to leave a deep impression for him. Andy was touched as he looked at the presents, he said: "This is like my image when I won the Honorary Fellow in Hong Kong, currently there're many different images, it's already display at my fan club."

Although the fans does not understand Mandarin, but these die-hard Japanese fans sang along to all Andy's songs. Other than the fans, even the Japanese reporters could not escape the charisma of Andy as they request for photograph midway through the interviews. On seeing the response of the fans, Andy also show off his magic tricks which won loud applause.

Despite the short Japan trip, Andy had a fruitful trip whereas the Japanese fans fulfill their wish of getting close to their idol.

news from: TVBS Asia E-News