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| Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Andy Lau's Focus Films invested Crazy Stone had garned a box office collection of $14 million renminbi since it started screening in many cities in Mainland China last month to become the highest grossing movie there in the first half of 2006. Director Ning Hao had become a popular new director.

It was heard that with the success of Crazy Stone in Mainland China, it immediately attracted buyers throughout Asia for its price and negotiation, it even started a buyers bidding war in Korea, thus the company goes with the "highest bidders win" plan.

Being the investor and boss, Andy expressed that he was delighted to see such a good result from a new director that he nurture. Andy expressed that among the 6 directors in Focus First Cut, other then Ning Hao, other directors also garned good results, My Shoe Fairy won an Art Direction award in the Golden Horse Film Awards, I'll Call You and Rain Dogs were invited to foreign film festivals as in Udinese Calcio Film Festival and Venice Film Festival respectively, it's not a wasted project.

When asked if he would have another Focus First Cut project, he exclaimed that he would have to wait till the first 6 movies are completed before studying the possibility, his movie company welcome all new directors, if the script and project is good, it would stand a chance to be invited in the second Focus First Cuts.

Meanwhile, Ning Hao will set off to Hong Kong in early August for promotion of the movie as it would be screened in Hong Kong, Andy had prepared to treat him to dinner to celebrate the success.

news form: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News