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| Friday, August 04, 2006

Mainland China's young director Ning Hao's Crazy Stone caused a "stone craze" in Mainland China as its box office taking had exceeded $15 million. The movie's investor Andy Lau was interviewed by Yazhou Zhoukan as he started talking from his Focus First Cut project, he says: "A total of $25 million was invested in the 6 new directors to shoot different genre of movies, Ning Hao is the only representatives from Mainland China."

Andy quipped that he did lend money to friends whom many didn't return him thus he rather invest money to nurture newcomers. "I visualise this project as a game, without a player, it might not have a result, but I like it. I'm not only searching a future for Hong Kong movies, I just hope to give more people a chance of learning and developing."

For the second phase of Focus First Cut, similiarly Andy would invest $25 million in the chosen 6 directors, he's also willing to appear in every movie, if other movie companies wished to collaborate, 3 more movies could be added.

news from: Ming Pao