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| Thursday, October 12, 2006

If you're not seeing with your own eyes, it would be hard to believe that Andy Lau would be so influential in showbiz throughout Asia.

Having been in showbiz for so many years, he indeed deserve the title of heavenly king. There was an Andy Lau wave at the Pusan Airport.

As Pusan International Film Festival opens today and the 150 guests begins to touch down one after another yesterday.

Andy whom will be collecting his Asian Filmmaker of the Year award is feeling great as he continue to demostrate his "hardworking" charisma as he appeared at Pusan a day earlier.

Around 4:00pm, Andy's flight KE616 touched down 12 minutes earlier at Pusan. When he came out of the departure hall, fans from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan were already waiting for him. Our reporter discovered that most of the fans' banners were written in Chinese as we walked towards them to chat with them.

One Korean fan exclaimed that Andy had been her idol for 13 years as the first Andy Lau movie that she watched was A Moment of Romance, as she love Andy and Chinese movies, she even went to Beijing to learn Chinese, although she's not well verse when speaking Chinese, not still can be understand.

During the 80s, the Hong Kong movie industry was doing very well and was called Oriental Hollywood as it attracted fans from Korea and Japan. In Pusan, names like Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun are nothing strange to them, no wonder before Andy's arrival, fans were already waiting to welcome him. Some Japanese fans even wrote "Wah Zai is my hero" on their banner, some even have "Arrival of the Emperor" on their banners. From the banners, it seems that their Chinese is not poor.

Around 4:30pm, Andy finally appeared, while waiting for his luggages, he was surrounded by fans, dressed in black, he created the first high moments of the Pusan Film Festival.

Despite surrounded by fans, Andy appeared delighted and excited, of course the fans were also delighted to be able to get close to their idol as Andy wave to the fans, interviewed and collecting presents from the fans.

Finally managed to get onto his car, Andy also didn't forget his friendly charisma as he saw a woman carrying her little girl, Andy took the initative to wind down his window and touch the girl's head, as he kept saying: "Be careful, don't fall down!"

news from: yule.sohu.com