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| Monday, October 09, 2006

A Battle of Wits, a Huayi Brothers production held its large scale press conference in Beijing where director Jacob Chang, Andy Lau, Choi Si-Won, Fan Bingbing and Nicky Wu were in attendance. The mega-star lineup attracted many fans to catch a glimpse of their idols. From what can be seen, 19-years-old Choi's fans' screams were louder when compared to Andy's fans and most fans seem to come to see Choi, when asked if he feel pressurise, Andy express: "I think my acting and hardwork should not lose out."

During the press conference to announce the shooting of the movie, nobody seen to notice Choi, however his popularity had exceed Andy whom had been in showbiz for more than 20 years. When asked of the upcoming of young idols, Andy quipped that he feel pressurise, he said: "He's very handsome, that explains why so many people idolise him, but I don't think that I will lose out in my acting and hardwork."

Choi whom was well taken of by Andy during the shooting said modestly: "I don't think that my popularity had exceed senior. This is my first movie and first collaboration with Andy, I'm very nervous, he's a great help to me." Choi also expressed that he feel it strange that he had so many fans in Mainland China, he said: "Actually I seldom come to China, seeing their love for me, I'm surprise and delighted, I hope I'll have more chance to venture here."

Andy introduce A Battle of Wits as a different kind of wuxia movie as it was narrate as a documentary, it also has different kind of acting of himself and Bingbing which will give audience a refreshing feeling. He said: "I'm not handsome as Ge Li, I was once required to shave my hair, the director disallow it, he hope that I can bring out a more handsome feeling, there's scene that I rode on horse, although I'm very tired when shooting the scene but the director asked me to carry on as it would look more realistic, this is so much difference when I'm shooting other movies." Andy also revealed that he had read about the Mo's "showing love and not attack" thinking when he was still studying, he says: "Actually in the movie industry, the situation of "I hit you and you hit me back" is very serious, the war will not stop, but you must maintain a normal heart and work hard for yourself would be fine, during the shooting, no matter it's extreme cold weather, but heaven still take care of us until the shooting is completed before it start snowing." When asked if he will be singing the movie's theme song, Andy waved no as he says: "I spend so much time to let people forget the image of Andy Lau, if I'm going to sing the theme song, all hardwork will be lost as I'll return to the role of a singer?"

A Battle of Wits is 10 years of hardwork by Jacob, it will be screened next month, he appeared nervous as he said: "In these 10 years, I communicate with reporters and many film distributors, looked at the best way of presentation, but whether the audience accpeted it, I'm still not sure. Actually it's not about winning awards when you shoot a movie, because it's already a miracle that I'm a director."

When talked about the actors, Jacob is delighted as he said: "I've knew Andy for 20 years, I think he had matured, his eyes during acting had added many feelings, but some things are still not change in these 20 years."

news from: Sina.com