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| Thursday, October 12, 2006

Directed by Jacob Chang and starring Andy Lau, A Battle of Wits will be screened throughout the world in mid-November. As the movie wanted to be realistic and to send out the Mo family's message of "to love and not attack", Andy's Ge Li character is unlike normal wuxia film whom is highly kungfu skill, in order to be normal, in every part, Ge Li is just a normal person and not a swordman, he is best at using bows and arrows and good horse riding skills.

Andy express that there was a scene that narrates him riding a horse to go into the city, he need to give instructions to the soldiers. If in another movie, this should be the role of the general that's full of energy, however being just jump onto the horse, Andy was out-of-breathe when he does his dialogue and his words are not joined, however Andy think that it's good as it's close to the actual Ge Li. He says: "Ge Li can't even save his lover, of course he will be out-of-breathe! This is human!"

As it's been some time that he rode a horse, thus he would spend almost half a day to get onto the horse, there was once that all the horses lost control and knock onto one another, it was so dangerous. He says: "Initially, everybody's horse collide with one another, until all gallop uniformly, actually we've been galloping up and down 20 times."

In addition, Andy jet off to Pusan to attend the Pusan Film Festival yesterday and he would receive his 2006's Asian Filmmaker of the Year on 13 October, whereas one of his Focus First Cut projects Crazy Stone is selected to be the festival's opening movie.

news from: SingTao News, MingPao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po