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| Monday, October 09, 2006

Directed by Jacob Chang, Sundream Motion Pictures Battle of Wits which has a cast of Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Fan Bingbing and Korean actor Choi Si Won, a press conference was held at Beijing where the movie's posters were also revealed. As the venue is open-spaced, it attracted many onlookers with Si Won's fans the loudest which covered Andy's fans, a bride in her wedding dress even come to catch a glimpse of her idol. However, fans of Si Won were jealous as all posters bare only Andy.

The cast was arranged to autograph on the posters during the press conference and the 2 18" posters were revealed, when fans and the actors saw the 2 posters only bares Andy, it gave Si Won fans a shock as they scream out loud as if to express their unhappiness.

When Fan Bingbing was asked how she felt of the posters, she exlcaimed that Andy is very handsome as she said: "How come Andy photographed during shooting for the poster and missed us out?" She further added that she loved the posters as they looked great.

When asked if she's unhappy that the posters only bares Andy's face, Bingbing expressed that this is just the first series of posters, more posters would be revealed during the promotions in Japan and Korea, whereas her previous remark of Andy photographed during shooting for the poster is just a joke.

When asked on the posters, Nicky expressed that he does not mind as Andy is the male lead, using him is correct, if more people is added, the atmosphere would be missing, there might be other versions of the posters in future promotions. Nicky exclaimed that the costume for this movie is very heavy, as it ough during shooting but he feel that it's worth it as Andy is helpful and hardworking, it's a happy collaboration, he would have accept the movie offer even he's not paid.

With regards to being the main focus of the posters, Andy expressed that he knew nothing as he can't control the designing of the posters, he believed that the other actors would not be unhappy about this. When talked that he would also be the only one appearing in the poster to be revealed in Japan, he expressed that he could do nothing.

When asked if he feel pressurise for Battle of Wits, Andy express: "It would be pressurise shooting any movies, especially this is talking about Mo's thinking, the pressure is larger, I will look at it normally, Mo Zi doesn't like to attack, he will use another way to love everyone, hope everyone's relationship would be better." Andy had understand more about the meaning in life after shooting this movie.

When talked about a magazine reporter sneaking into ICU to take photograph of Lydia Sum, Andy feel that this is too much as the media is beyond control, the only hope is help from the public to artistes and not help the magazine. He added: "Even mobile phones can be used to take photographs, when I go to the streets, play bowling, I feel that I'm being followed, but I was seldom being photograph secretly by others, just photographs of me adjusting my pants or digging my nose."

news from: Wei Wen Po