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| Sunday, October 08, 2006

For many years, Andy Lau had been giving his full support to the movie industry, other than acting in more than 100 movies, recently he took up the role of investor as he had invested in several movies hoping that the industry would do better, take Crazy Stone for example which create a box office record in Mainland China.

Recently, Andy had new plans as he had purchase the copyright of Chang Cheh's classic Five Venoms, thus preparing for a remake of the movie, it will be directed by Wong Chi Keung whom had ventured into Hollywood and nicknamed "beast director". Other than casting himself in the movie, he had approached Edison Chen and Maggie Q, with both of their mother tongue being English, with the addition of a Hollywood diretor, it might be a plan of Andy to break into the Hollywood market, which will reach another height of his career.

Andy admitted that he's negoitating, as the details would have to ask his collaborator Daniel Yu. When reporters checked with Daniel, he admitted that Andy is interested with the script of Five Venoms and wanted to do a remake, indeed there contacts with Edison and Maggie Q. With regards to the casting and other actors are yet to be confirmed, everything will be announced when shooting starts in 2007.

news from: Oriental Daily News