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| Friday, October 13, 2006

The 11th Pusan Film Festival opened at Pusan's Ocean Tower last night, Andy Lau whom was dressed up for the event snatch the limelight. This year's film festival is the most large scale when compared to previous years and it will last 9 days with around 150 artistes in attendance, 245 movies from 63 countries had particpated in the festival.

The opening ceremony was held at 7:00pm with Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau, Korean stars Li Joon Ki, Lee Byung Hun, Su Ae, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Woo Sung, Han Chae Young, Uhm Jung Hwa and many other attended, Wen Gen Ying and vetern filmstar Ahn Sung-ki were the comperes of the event, it was an event full of stars.

During the red carpet, Andy and SM Entertainment boss Lee Mun Ae hugged each other and were laughing away. Lee introduce his new artist Lee Yeon Hee to Andy. After attending the opening ceremony, Andy will be collecting his Asian Best Filmmaker award today and attending a seminar with Ahn Sung-ki whom he collaborated with in A Battle of Wits to promote the movie, then he will be catching up with Ahn and Choi Si Won.

Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, a Mainland China-Korea collaboration was announced during the opening ceremony's promotion, the movie company invited Andy, Leon Lai and Sumo Hung to be in the cast to counter John Woo's Chibi.

Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon is adapted from Romance of the Three Kingdom which had been adapted in many TV serials and documentaries. In the movie, Andy will be Zhao Yun, Leon as Zhou Yu and Sumo as Zhang Fei.

The arts director would be Sumo and could be directed by Daniel Lee. It's target to be screened in 2007, shooting would start in March 2007.

news from: Sun News, Sina.com