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| Friday, October 13, 2006

The poster of A Battle of Wits once again creates controversy as netizens found out that the poster with Andy Lau whom is dressed in armour, his standing position and look of his eye is similiar to Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai poster, thus it's alleged that it's copied. With regards to the allegation, Huayi Brothers expressed that it's just a coincidence and they would not redraw the poster.

The reporter found out that the color combination and idea are 50% similiar, both Andy and Cruise's standing position are the same, especially the armour which looked identical. When our reporter approached Huayi Brothers, their vice-director said that they are not aware of the copying of the posters., he said: "We've design two different kind of posters, each for the 6 characters and a mid-season poster, I think you're referring to the Andy Lau posters. I don't think there is any problem with the poster, we engage a professional company to design the posters, out of their professional status, they would not copy our movie's posters, therefore we have no consideration of redrawing the poster."

Meanwhile when the poster was revealed during the press conference, Li Bingbing appeared unhappy that her face was not on the poster other than Andy. Wem Juan feel that's nothing wrong to have only Andy in the poster as past great movies like E.T and Jurassic Park had only a finger and dinosaurs on their posters. He said that the investors of the movie had considered the reason of using only Andy in the poster, as the movie is adapted from a manga, Andy's character Ge Li is the disciple of the Mo's family showing love anti-war philosophy, thus it will pass the message that the movie is trying to send through.

news from: Sina.com