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| Saturday, October 14, 2006

Andy Lau was in Korea to attend the 11th Pusan International Film Festival to collect his Asian Filmmaker of the Year award, in between he and Ahn Sung-ki whom he collaborated in A Battle of Wits appeared together to meet the local media, when Andy was told that Ahn would be shooting a new movie, Andy quipped that he would cameo without any fees but was rejected by Ahn immediately.

Andy and Ahn Sung-ki met the media at Pusan Ocean Towers which attracted more 300 in attendance. As they had collaborated in A Battle of Wits, both of them sing praise of each other. Andy was told that Ahn is currently shooting his new movie, Andy then quipped that he he could appear in the movie without any fees, Ahn immediately replied that all characters had been taken up, thus Andy had made a failed offer which everyone present burst into laughters.

Andy expressed that he admire the unity of the Korean movie industry which the Hong Kong movie industry lose out, he hoped that Hong Kong filmmakers could be more united to save the industry. With regards to Andy going to be cast in a US$30000,000 Three Kingdom movie to counter John Woo's Chibi. It was reported that Andy's version would be directed by Daniel Li, Andy whom had interested to film a movie regarding Zhao Zi-long will be cast as a character from 20 till 70 years old, he will be an old soldier at war and story of Cao Cao. The cast would include Leon Lai as Zhou Xun, Sumo Hung as zhang Fei, Maggie Q as Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin, there would be another Korean artiste.

In addition, Andy's new movie The Protege crew members publish a commercial in America's Variety magazine to congratulate Andy winning the Filmmaker award, it also announced photographs of Andy in the movie. It was reported that producer Peter Chan was being told by his Korean friend that Andy had won the award, therefore director Derek Yee and distributor Andre Morgan secretly publish their congratulations in Variety's Pusan International Film Festival special publication to surprise Andy.

The Protege will be screened during the Lunar New Year in Feb 2007. Other than Andy's drug lord poster, trailers of the movie will be screened at the cinemas and also display a 3D advertisment.

news from: SingTao News, MingPao, Sina.com