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| Thursday, November 02, 2006

Directed by Jacob Chang, Andy Lau's A Battle of Wits will opens in the cinemas on 23 November. Andy whom injured himself while shooting a jumping over the bridge scene, requested to return to work after 2 days of rest as he carried his injury to shoot a scene where he caught fire on his body, even the Japanese cameraman could only exclaimed "ichiban" of Andy's professionalism.

For safety reasons, the director arranged fire extinguishers and paddings, his costume was also applied with anti-flammable gel, his injured leg was also multi-layer wrapped. Crew members were waiting at the staircases with fire extinguishers awaiting the driector's instruction to put out the fire.

However Andy's costume was highly flammable, it was planned that one leg got fire but in the end both legs caught fire, the fire almost spreaded to his body, the directors immediately shouted 'Cut!' and put out the fire but Andy lost his direction and was out of the range of the fire extinguishers, he tried his best to get within the fire extinguishers' shooting range, luckily this scene was shot successfully, even Andy exclaimed that he was scared when he caught fire.

Andy said: "The worst part was that my body was applied with anti-flammable gel, this gel must be stored under 10 degrees, when applied on the body it felt like eating ice-cream in the north pole, the coldness directly went into the body, whereas when I was caught fire, I could only feel slight heat, when the crew members started shouting and I'm not within the shooting range of the fire extinguishers, I discovered that both my legs caught fire and it's coming up to my body, I began to feel afraid and immediately tried to pull the rope to get myself closer to the crew members.."

After so many years of acting, Andy had faced several dangerous shooting, the most dangerous being an explosion scene, the explosive was so great that he turned black and if he was one second late, he could have been burnt alive.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sun News, ent.163.com