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| Monday, January 22, 2007

On 21 January, the 4th Campaign to Solicit Songs for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was launched. The celebrities that attended the event included Zhang Yimou, Andy Lau, Emil Chou and Zhou Bichang.

When interviewed, Andy expressed that the Olympic Games Song could taste like a tea with special Chinese flavour.

Andy said that the 2008 Olympic Games would be the first time that Chinese held the event, this would be the Chinese's Olympic Games, he hope that the Olympic Games song could unite everyone in China with people around the world, improve each other's friendship and communication. He added that in order for people around the world to understand China better, he would pick an English Olympic Games song.

Andy had deep affection for Olympic Games as he once took part in the opening ceremonies of Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta, Seoul and Sydney. He feel that for every Olympic Games, there will be a attention seeking song. He said that he love sports and loves communicating with sportsmen. From the era of Fu Mingxia, he love diving.

news from: yule.shou.com