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| Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The first Showbiz's Top 10 Filial Son award presentation ceremony was held at Shandong where Jiang Kun, Tao Hong attended the ceremony to collect their award. Hong Kong artist Andy Lau was awarded "Top 10 Filial Son" special award, although he did not attend the ceremony, he still send his regards through a telephone call.

For many years, Andy is the known workaholic in showbiz and he never neglected his parents as no matter how busy he was, he would still take some time off to accompany his parents. He is also recognized by all the efforts he had put into different kind of charity works. Although he is one of the Top 10 Filial Son, his filial story is being recognized by all thus the committee decided to present him a special award too.

Although being held up by work thus unable to attend the ceremony, he still specially made a telephone call to thanks everybody's support and wish all parents to enjoy blessing forever.

news from: yule.sohu.com