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| Thursday, January 18, 2007

Andy Lau was in Japan to promote A Battle of Wits, it would be a 3-days promotional trip to Tokyo and Osaka for meet-the-fans sessions, premieres and fan club gatherings.

A Battle of Wits will open in Japan's cinemas in January, with the movie adapted from a Japanese manga, thus it attracts lots of attraction.

Two days ago, Andy had a meet-the-fans session at the streets of Shibuya which director Jacob Chang, Fan Bingbing and Ahn Si-Kung also attended. Andy and Bingbing were arranged to arrive at the venue in elegant long limousine.

It attracted hundreds of media to report the news, there were around 600 on-lookers thus it was jam-packed outside Shibuya 109, the traffic congested. The police request the crowd to disperse thus the session stop temporary, after much negotiation, the session ended after 20 minutes, there was also live telecast of the session. At the session, Andy was escorted by policemen and securities to go off the stage and wave to the crowd, he was also presented by the Japanese film distributor a lion head that symbolise a "king", referring him to king of box office. When interviewed, most reporters told Andy that they enjoyed watching A Battle of Wits and they hope that the movie will do well in Japan which could resulted in a sequel.

Andy also told some time off to meet close to 700 Japanese fans, the fans gave him a teddy bear dressed up with his A Battle of Wits costume, the bear also wear a face mask which acts as a reminder to Andy that he must take care of his health during shooting. The Japanese fans also prepared Japanese style New Year cake to wish Andy's family good health.

As the fans requested him to try making new year cake. He was using a huge stick to stamp the cooked rice for 20 minutes and sing praise of his efforts, he says: "It was so tired stamping, now I know it need such a big effort to make New Year cake, no wonder one would be healthy after eating it!"

There was an earthquake in Tokyo the day earlier and the whole promotional group feel the tremors when they're in their hotel rooms. Andy continue his promotion in Osaka yesterday and concidentally it was the 10th anniversary of Osaka earthquake, he said: "I hope that there will be no more earthquake as everyone can live a peaceful life."

In addition, due to the spreading of Norovirus, Andy must avoid sashimi.

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News