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| Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Andy Lau had always supported music award presentation ceremonies all these years, but he found out that he's not happy when he attend presentation ceremonies recently as the honor and importance was not there as it had become an exchange for awards when one worked for the radio or station. Andy describe this as a problem of the record companies and managers which result the award presentation ceremonies to become more commercialize.

Andy was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday as he talked about music award presentation ceremonies, he sighed: "In the past, singer said to deserve the awards they won, currently it was said that the result was fixed. If I'm the one whom won the Golden Hit Song award and was said that the result was fixed, I would also be unhappy. However, I would try my best to take part, actually awards are not important, what's important is every singer feel happy when they attend the ceremonies. Attending ceremonies, I could find out if I'm still popular or being noticed in this music industry. Of course, not everyone is a saint, nobody would want to attend a ceremony and win no award, it's not nice, if I didn't win Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, I would feel strange too." When asked if he feel that Eason Chan deserve to win the Most Popular Male Singer award, he replied seriously: "He is so popular and talented, he deserve the award."

With regards to Kelly Chen feeling disappointed to win Asia Pacific Most Popular Female Singer only and blasted her record company, he said: "Kelly always spoke from her heart, indeed last year she help Hong Kong's music industry in Mainland China and other countries, she deserve credits. Likewise, I must sing praise of Miriam Yeung's sportsmanship, I don't feel that she has deteriorate that much, Paco is really ...."

When asked if he was currently busy shooting This Violent Land (Ci Ma), Andy quipped that there are Jet Li and Takashi Kaneshiro, Jet is having an Hollywood contract (always taking a rest), Takashi having a Japanese contract (more rules and protected by many) and himself a Hong Kong style contract.

Earlier Mainland China's producer Zhang Weiping blasted Chow Yun Fat throwing his weights around during the shooting of Curse of the Golden Flower, Andy expressed that he had not read the report but he support Hongkonger, he said: "Of course I'll support Chow Yun Fat as he's also a fellow Hongkonger. I do know know a bit of Zhang Weiping, he's a direct person."

With regards to Internet's allegation that he rejected Jay Chou's song nine years ago thus he was given a heavenly price of $20 million when he approached Jay for a song, Andy quipped: "If he asked for $20 million, I don't have that kind of money! There's no such things, there's many allegation on the net that was written without any responsibility."

Meanwhile, his earlier application to hold a 20-nights concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum during this year's Christmas holidays had not been replied by the Coliseum.

news from: Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, SingPao, Oriental Daily News