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| Friday, February 02, 2007

Heavenly King Andy Lau is currently busy shooting his new movie, however there was allegation that he could be in danger of balding, the reason was that Andy need to dye his hair every 2-3 days thus affecting his hair scalp. However, a brave Andy step out to clarify the matter stating that it's only allegation in the Internet.

For the movie Protege, Andy played the role of a drug lord, in order for the role to be realistic, Andy had to dye his hair grey, he need to redye it after 2-3 days, his professionalism is undeniable, with the same reason, it was alleged that his hair scalp is affected thus possibly in danger of balding. Andy denied the allegation.

Andy said: "It was alleged that I shaved my head because I'm balding, thus many version of such allegation appears. I hope in the Internet, people should be more responsible on what they said."

news from: China Daily News