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| Friday, March 30, 2007

It was known from Hong Kong media that when Andy Lau was told of Yang Lijuan's father committing suicide by jumping into the sea, he was stunned as he said: "How could he do that?" Andy then immediately send his company staff to pass his regards and quite a huge amount of money for Ms. Yang and her mother to return home.

However, they refuse to take up the offer as Ms. Yang's mother said angrily that Andy is a murderer as he caused her husband's death and wanted to seek $500,000 renminbi as compensation. Facing such unreasonable request from them, Andy's company representative expressed that it's impossible to provide any more assistance. In addition, Ms. Yang whom exclaimed that she love her father didn't collect her father's body and left for Shenzhen at 8:55 pm on 28 March. Ms. Yang's mother said that they would stay in Shenzhen for a few days to settle some matters before returning to Hong Kong to look for Andy.

Andy's mask-changing master Peng Denghuai whom had close contact with Andy was informed of the matter by reporters, he said: "I was informed that Yang and her mother request a compensation of $500,000 from Andy, this is impossible! They should not push the blame on Andy and even scolded him, this is so unreasonable! It's action from someone who's not right in their mind!"

According to Peng, Andy did gave them huge support after Ms. Yang's father death. Other than supporting them mentally, Andy also gave them money to return home. Peng added that Andy is very kind and easy on money as he gave them quite a large amount of HK dollars.

Peng revealed that he specially went to Hong Kong on 27 September 2006 to attend Andy's birthday gathering and talked about Yang's wanted to meet Andy with all cost. They also discussed how could they assist the Yang family. Andy was saying that after Yang Lijuan had started to work normally, he will surely find a chance to meet her, gave her autographs, take photographs with her and even chat with her, most importantly she must work and not burden her parents. Peng had seek his Chengdu friends in food industry help to find a job of $1000 monthly salary and also assist her parents. When Peng informed the family of his offer, they provide no reply.

According to Hong Kong media, Yang whom said that she had done wrong to her father had return to Shenzhen on 28 March without collecting her father's body. Hong Kong police said that the body of Yang's father will be bury in Hong Kong cemetery within 2 weeks. Yesterday, after further reportings from Hong Kong media reported that Yang is very selfish and her mother said that they had no money for burial unless Andy come to pay his respect.

When Yang and her mother return to Shenzhen, reporters asked how her mother felt after returning to Mainland China, she said: "I'm so depressed, my daughter is suffering from shock, she could not accept her father's death, she kept crying and crying." She added that they would be staying in Shenzhen for a few days to settle some administrative matters before going back to Hong Kong to look for Andy.

According to Hong Kong reporters, Yang's words are contradicting as she first started saying that she did not take photograph with Andy as she quoted that the photograph in Internet was doctored as she didn't take any photograph with Andy alone, she suddenly said that she like Andy and suddenly said that she hate Andy and refuse to be called a Andy Lau fan, she said that she is correct as her father's death had nothing to do with her, suddenly she said that her father's death is caused by Andy and suddenly her father's death is caused by the media.

On the other side, there was news that Andy will be delaying his trip to Gansu for the shooting of Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon because of this incident. According to our understanding, Andy currently has no plans of changing his schedule as he will still set off to Gansu to meet the filming crew.

news from: Sina.com