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| Monday, April 02, 2007

"I don't think that Andy Lau had did anything wrong .... being a fan should have right mentality, meanwhile parents should give their children correct guidance. I hope that my fans are all "good fans" and with the right frame of mind, not take me at the central of their life in order to let me sing for them without any pressure."

Currently, Jacky Cheung was in Guangzhou to kick off his world tour as he sing and dance throughout the concert without showing any tiredness. When talked about the fan whom risked everything in order to see her idol - Andy Lau which resulted to her father killed himself by drowning, the most surprising is that the father didn't put the blame on his daughter but rather Andy Lau, so how do Jacky look at this matter?

Jacky said: "I think we have to shoulder the responsibility for whatever we do. Being an artist, it's really hard for us to control other people's action. I don't think Andy Lau did anything wrong, because he is Andy Lau, he started from a small unknown TV actor until today's heavenly king superstar status, it's not his wrong doing when people idolize him. I feel that being a fan must have a right frame of mind, parents should give their children the correct guidance. I'm also a parent, I know that all parents wanted to fulfill their children's wishes, but the problem is some people would never be satisfied. I can only say that this is an unfortunate incident. I'm relief that my fans only like to listen to my songs, I hope that all my fans are "good fans", and with the right frame of mind, don't take me as the central of their life and allow me to sing for them without any pressure."

news from: Sina.com