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| Monday, April 02, 2007

Super "Andy Lau fan" Yang Lijuan had returned to Lanzhou on 30 March. When reporters tried to contact her, she expressed that she does not wish to be interview as she only plans to continue her visa application to Hong Kong as most importantly is to "bring her father home and complete his wish". She then exclaimed that reports that she seek $500,000 compensation from Andy is made up by the media.

When interviewed on telephone, she sounds agitated as she stressed that she's not unfilial as per stated by the media as her only aim to get her visa to Hong Kong is for her father and not meet Andy again. She said: "Ask him go and die, I hate him! I don't care where is he!" However, she added that Andy should pay respect to her father in order to complete his wish, her father's disappointment is Andy to meet her alone in private.

Meanwhile, Yang's mother show her anger against Andy, she said: "My daughter is too pitiful, she had given so much all these year, it can't end like this." When reporter asked her if it's worth it for her daughter to spend 13 years to chase after a star, she said: "Whatever my daughter do, I will support her!" Yang's mother exclaimed that Andy is in-considerate as he didn't consider of their situation. When reporter asked her what she will do if they failed to meet Andy if they go to Hong Kong again? Yang's mother did not answer directly but said: "He should be the one looking for us."

Meanwhile, Andy whom had not appeared since this incident had only made statement through his company's spokesman but he finally replied on this matter two days ago, he said: "Actually, I very unhappy, if because a girl whom like me and did so much things to hurt her father, I feel that it's a disappointment." Andy urges Yang Lijuan to stop such unreasonable behavior and all fans should not learn from her.

news from: sina.com