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| Tuesday, April 03, 2007

With regards to Yang Lijuan from Lanzhou whom had "loved him" for 13 years as she care less of her family to continue her star chasing dreams, Andy Lau did made a reply for the first time two days ago, he expressed: "Actually, I very unhappy, if because a girl whom like me and did so much things to hurt her father, I feel that it's a disappointment." Andy urges Yang Lijuan to stop such unreasonable behavior and all fans should not learn from her.

This morning, Andy made another new reply on his fan club official website as he wrote a post titled "You will not understand my depression", although it's a short post but it tells all of his feelings. He thanked all fans and friends whom had shown concern, it's hard to describe using words, he added that it will be the last time that he will be replying on this matter. Below is what Andy had wrote in his post:

Several things happened recently which makes everyone worried.

I received many friends phoned me with their regards, especially need to thanks Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Michael Miu, Twins also and many more, I knew that you cherish me, I know it.

Of course there is also you, for comments alone it's already more than 40 pages ... everything, I read every comment you made!

For those whom normally don't leave message, or those whom leave messages once in a while, all of you specially came in and send me your regards, show support for me ... fans of Andy World Club, you're so great that I've nothing to say

Everyone rest assured, I'm ok ...

One friend told me, you need not think of things which you can't figure out, anyway it's what passed had passed. Maybe some time later, you'll understand. The friend also gave me the words below:

Let nature takes it's course for everything

Handle things naturally

Don't be too outstanding when happy

Take it naturally when facing difficulties

Problems and difficulties are natural

Experiencing is nature

I feel that these few sentences are not bad, thus I share with everybody

PS: I knew that many reporters are concern of me, all the regards that you've passed had been passed down to me by my crew members

I also know that everyone wish to ask me to give some replies, I will say it here, many thanks to all of you, I've nothing to reply, what I wanted to say had been said through my company's spokesman, I have no reply personally, in future I'll also not give any reply. It's being tough on all of you.

news from: Sina.com