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| Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sammi Cheng's consecutive 8-nights Show Mi concerts ended at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 25 May and it was a star-stubbed night as other than Sammi's parents in attendance, several friends from showbiz also attended to show their support, they included former boyfriend Andy Hui, good friend Han Hong, Andy Lau, William So, Eddie Ng, Hacken Lee and Shu Qi.

Sammi was very high and gave an energetic performance throughout the night, she shouted out loud which got her voice hoarse.

When Sammi invited her good friend Denise Ho to come onstage again for a duet, Sammi also went off the stage to invite Andy Lau onto the stage to duet "Wen Wo".

At the end of the concert, Sammi read a letter to her fans as she expressed that this concert is her first homework for her return to singing. After saying that, Sammi was so touched that she break into tears, Andy Hui, Shu Qi and her parents also broke into tears, it was a touching scene.

news from: Sina.com