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| Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Andy Lau's charisma is indeed irresistible for aunties as when Andy set off to Arrow Studio to shoot his latest album's music video, large number of aunties hired four taxis to follow him all the way, some even carry their children along!

Andy can't bare on seeing the fans carrying their children, due to the earlier "Yang Lijuan" incident which made him love and scared of his fans, thus he could only used his "caring eyes" to look at the awaiting auntie fans under the hot sun. The funny incident is that these fans disappear when night falls, because they had to rush home to prepare dinner!

After resting throughout the night, Andy walked out of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel around 11:00 am to be welcome by awaiting fans, his appearance created some commotion as everyone rushed forward to pass their prepared cards to Andy's assistant. Andy whom had always concern of his fans, collected all the cards, used his "caring eyes" to look at the fans, he did not went forward to chat with the fans nor stayed behind for autographs and photo-taking as it would means that he encourage them to follow him thus he immediately went to board his nanny car which will be heading to Linkou's Arrow Studio. The fans also boarded their hired taxis to follow behind Andy's car, there's one fans among them whom was carrying her children along to follow her idol. As the sun was very strong, this idol chasing mum didn't forget to prepare a hat to shield her child from the sun.

When night falls, these auntie fans disappeared suddenly as the reporters found out that they had to rushed home to prepare dinner thus they were unable to wait until Andy finished working. However, they would be satisfied that their cards were passed to Andy.

Already passed the 40-years-old, Andy was still popular among aunties, this also allows him to have film offers coming in to him. It was reported on Sina that director Jeffery Lau had intentions of inviting Andy to collaborate with Cecilia Cheung in a Oriental version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. As Cecilia would be giving birth in July, Jeffery hope that Cecilia would be able to start work in September, this would be her first movie project after giving birth but it seems that Andy had no time for this film.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Smith story, Andy and Cecilia would have several intimate bed scenes, it would be a great chance for Andy to show off his well-maintained figure.

news from: Liberty Times, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News