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| Monday, May 21, 2007

Andy Lau arrived in Taiwan last night around 6:00 pm, although it's a low profile visit but around 60 fans had rented 8 Volkswagen to welcome him at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Andy wore a sunglasses and dressed causally touched down in Taiwan from Hong Kong. As he was location shooting in Mainland China's Dunhuang for Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, under the hot sun everyday, he looked tanner and thinner.

To prevent the pushing and scuffling of the fans from hurting Andy, crew members gathered around Andy but still failed to stop one fan from rushing through the barrier to give him present and took photograph of him. Andy faced the fans with all smiles, showing off his friendliness. When arrived at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza and meet the awaiting media reporters and fans whom shouted out loud: "I Love You".

Although always 46-years-old, he still doesn't look old and when he saw fans squeezing in the hotel lobby, he slow down his steps and talk to the fans. He told the fans modestly: "Be careful not to hit the people at the back, be careful, quick go back, don't wait and squeeze around here, it's not nice for people to see this, is it okay? (OK, Bye bye) OK!."

It was told that he was in Taiwan to shoot his music video (according to ETToday), discuss with his record company on his new Mandarin album. It had been one year that he meet up with fans of Andy World Club and two years since his last Mandarin album, he would also discuss on his concert in Taiwan at the end of the year. (according to Apple Daily News) There would not be any public appearance, being this trip not revealed to the media, the loyal fans still got the news of Andy coming to Taiwan thus they went to the hotel that Andy would be staying to wait for him as catching a glimpse of him would satisfied them.

It had been two months since the "Yang Lijuan" incident, it seems that he had already walked out of the crazy fan's hinderance as he would posted his photographs taken during shooting on his blog. He was also friendly with the awaiting fans at his hotel, while his assistant was busy collecting presents from the fans. When asked if he had anything to say to Yang Lijuan? Andy expressed embarrassingly: "I'm not going to answer this question at the moment," before making his way with his assistant to the hotel room to rest.

news from: Taiwan Apple Daily News, ETToday