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| Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The posters and screen shots of Andy Lau's first collaboration with Maggie Q, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had been revealed in Cannes. Andy will be playing historical figure Zhao Zilong while Maggie Q will be playing Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin, both of them standing with a desert background, it seems to have a strong atmosphere, looks like this movie does not want to lose out to John Woo's Red Cliff.

The film started shooting last month in Gansu, a small scale press conference was held at Cannes earlier with photographs of Andy's Zhao Zilong, Maggie Q's Cao Yin and Vanness Wu's Guan Xin (Guan Yu's son) were revealed for the first time, there's also a one-minute long trailer premiere worldwide. It was earlier touted that Summo Hung would be playing Zhang Fei but actually he would be playing a character made up for the film, Zhao Zilong's best friend Luo Ping-an.

The film's poster used Andy and Maggie Q as theme as their period dressing looked strong, especially Andy's Zhao Zilong image, with the sorrow desert background, this shows the strong atmosphere. Among Maggie Q's photograph, there's one that she played the Qin in-front of the army.

Andy will invest $2,000,0000 next month to shoot a TVB 5 Tigers theme film - Xiong Di' did not include Tony Leung but included the other 3 tigers Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Ken Tong. It's alleged that Tony going against the other tigers to remain in TVB to advance his career resulted their relationship to go sour. Felix and Alan Tam attended a celebrity soccer match activity in Mainland China and was asked about Tony being replaced by Eason Chan, Felix admitted that indeed there are some problems between Andy and Tony, he replied in Mandarin: "This matter is very complicated, it require Andy to explain personally, it happened some 20 years ago, I'm not sure about the details, indeed there's some problems, to gather the 5 Tigers is impossible, there's also problems in the asking fees, it seems that cannot agree on the amount." Felix pointed out that the other 4 Tigers had agreed to act in the film without any fees as they would split the earnings of the film.

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