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| Thursday, June 21, 2007

Andy Lau had spent a meaningful Dragon Boat Festival as he transformed into a "history teacher" to explain how the festival came about to Andox, however Andox failed to understand him as it mistaken the Chinese word 'Yuan' of Chinese national hero Qu Yuan, which makes Andy sweat and angry!

Recently, Andy loves to put private photographs of him and Andox online onto his blog, Andy used the title of "Using this Dragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan" as title to upload several photographs to narrates the comical experience of him giving Andox a history lesson. It's a comical conversation between the "mother and son"!

First, Andox asked it's mother when during Dragon Boat Festival people like to row (Andox address as crawl as the pronunciation sounds the same). A knowledgeable Andy then explains to Andox: "Qu Yuan is a truthful national hero, he was framed by corrupted rulers, thus he drowned himself as protest, people know remember him by having Dragon Boat Festival, the dumplings were threw into the sea to keep the fish from eating Qu Yuan's body."

However the young Andox could not understand much of what it's "mother" explained as it mistaken Qu Yuan as elder brother of Watsons (beauty and personal care retailer store), it also asked if Qu Yuan ('Yuan' as in round) suffered until it become a circle? It also asked if the Dragon Boat Festival is an excuse to cook delicious dumplings, this anger and made Andy sweat as he "vomit blood", as he quickly asked Andox if there's problems with it's brain. However Andox has it's own theory as it says: "I wanted to tell Qu Yuan not to be too sad as it would be difficult for everyone to understand you, he's very brave, he jumped into the river although he didn't know how to swim, I do not know how to swim, I don't dare to jump, mummy ..."

Such "reasonings" from Andox almost made angry till his nerves burst, he had not choice to force Andox to go to sleep.

Andy's original blog posting here

news from: Sun News