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| Sunday, June 17, 2007

At the afternoon of 15 June, Andy Lau was shooting his music video in Beijing. The sudden appearance of Andy for the 3 hours outdoor shooting satisfied the residents near Gao Bei Dian and Hsin Long Estate.

Around evening time, Andy appeared at the entrance of a seafood restaurant near Hsin Long Estate. A few hundreds of residents gathered and jam packed the place, some fans even climbed onto the wall or barricade just to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Among the crowd, a few satisfied waitresses were discussing loudly: "Andy is very friendly, when we waved at him, he would smile back and waved back at us!" Actually Andy had just dine at the restaurant that they worked. A waitor named Xiao Wang whom personally served Andy told the reporter that Andy like to drink Pu Er Chinese tea and eat sesame biscuit as he ate two pieces at one go.

After that, Andy whom wore a grey top and white hat to shoot a car accident scene. Some onlookers whom just joined in screamed out loud as they thought that he was really being knocked down by a car. When being "knocked down" by the car, Andy was seen communicating with the crew members.

One hour later, Andy who was sitting on a wheelchair had changed into a sports wear and was playing baseball with his mates in the music video. The resident interrupt the shooting several times by dashing into the view of the camera, they were told off by the securities.

news from: Sohu.com