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| Friday, June 08, 2007

The media got a site visit to Chinese-Korean collaboration Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon Heibei's shooting venue a few days ago, however Andy Lau who's playing Zhao Zilong was busy shooting and thus unable to attend. On 7 June, Andy and her lover in the movie Jiang Hong Bo met the media together. Andy exclaimed that he admire Zhao Zilong's valuation of his family as a man will always retire to take care of his family sooner or later. With regards to whether when he would retire to take care of his family, he expressed: "Anytime."

When interviewed by the media, Andy and Jiang Hong expressed that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon is different from previous Three Kingdom dramas and movies as they focus on battlefields and battle of wits. Although there are several battlefield scenes in this movie but it takes about human fate and relationship.

Andy said: "The battle scenes took up half of the movie, there are 2 important battle scenes, one is to rescue Ah Dou and another being Zhao Zilong's final battle at 70-years-old. However, we're focusing on fate as if his life had pre-arranged by heaven, only retirement is his own decision. When he become a soldier at the age of 20-years-old, he's just a supporting soldier. Three Kingdom is like a game of chess, every person is just part of the chess game. For those whom had watched Three Kingdom would have the most impression in Liu Bei and Chao Chao, but when the story of Three Kingdom ended, both of them had deceased. We would be asking: What are they battling for?"

Andy once expressed that among the many characters in Three Kingdom, he would like to play Cao Cao as he's more stupid thus losing his battles. With regards to playing Zhao Zilong, Andy feel that the similarity between the both of them is their hope and responsibility for their families, he said: "Zhao Zilong always wanted a complete family, he's a person who value his family members, he not much of a hero, basically he's still a human."

When reporters asked if Andy also wanted a complete family, he quipped that the reporters had "think too much", he said: "In the movie, Zhao Zilong had a home always waiting for him, I also hope to have a home. However it's different for us and their time, because in the past if a male don't retire, he has the possibility of dying on the battlefield, will I die in my current job? Every man would thought of the day when he retire in order to take care of his family, this is what should be done."

With regards to when Andy would really retire and return to his family, he gave a prompt reply: "Anytime."

When asked about the online discussion of his image of the movie looked like one in a Japanese manga, Andy gave a positive reply. He expressed that although he had some reservation initially but still willing to respect the director's opinion. Whereas the history alleged "white helmet white armor, holding to a silver spear" Zhao Zilong classic image also add to many imagination.

"When I was passed the image design, I also feel that it's different thus I did approach the director and tell him about the books that I've read. However the production team had their own direction, our job is to act well our character, the image is handled by a dedicated group of people, we should not affect their creation. The director is an image designer in the past, he has strong knowledge of Chinese culture, his calligraphy is better than mine. We shall listen to them." Andy said: "Actually it's not very clear written about Zhao Yun in histroy books. Take for example that he wore a white armor, I can't imagine wearing white to go into battle. Maybe it's a myth that in this way it would looked handsome and stylish this add some space for imagination."

Meanwhile, in the poster revealed recently, Andy seems to be carrying a sword. Andy replied modestly: "Please don't be fuzzy of the sword, I'm not using that as weapon. I'm using a spear, on the day of photo shoot, the spear is too long to be included in the photo thus I just randomly picked a sword for the shoot." In actual fact, the spear that Andy is using in the movie is very heavy as it's impossible for him to carry it with one hand, he need to carry it with both hands. Whereas for those battle scenes while riding on a horse, if the spear fall it could not be retrieve, there are many battle scenes while riding on a horse, he quipped: "My backside quite rubbing and rubbing, often get injured."

In Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, other than Zhao Zilong battle for his country with his life, there are also focus on two love relationships - that is his brotherhood love with Luo Pin-an played by Sumo Hung and love relationship with Ruan Er played by Jiang Hong Bo.

Although these two characters are made up, but it was the presence of these two characters that allow Zhao Zilong inner feelings and love to be more complete and fruitful.

Andy said: "Zhao Zilong and Luo Pin-an came out from Chang Shan together, they have a brotherhood love, but along the way Luo Pin-an kept comparing his career with Zhao Zilong thus making it uncomfortable, but he still want to walk down the way with Zhao Zilong. Ruan Er always love Zhao Zilong, but love during war times is difficult, because the country stand before family, she's always waiting for him."

Jiang Hong Bo's Ruan Er fall in love with Zhao Zilong before he become a soldier, she sent him to the desert and return to their village to wait for him, she's the representative of kind and gentle in the movie, it allows the movie to have some romantic elements.

With regards to collaborating with Andy, Jiang Hong Bo expressed that it was a very good experience collaborating with Andy as she stress that Andy is very friendly and without a doubt is a good actor. When asked by reporter to compare Andy with Jiang Wen, Jiang Hong Bo quipped: "They're different", but did not want to elaborate more, but she stressed that both are "heavenly king superstars" .

news from: Sina.com